Coconut Oil and Blood Pressure. How to Stop Hypertension

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Oil produced from the pulp of coconuts was known as unique cosmetic and medicinal product long time ago. It has been used by women since Cleopatra’s times for the preservation of youth and beauty. Coconut oil and its useful qualities has gained an excellent reputation in cosmetology and medicine. This product is hypoallergic (its use is not contraindicated), it has a very long shelf life and even at the repeated heating its taste qualities do not change.

Coconut oil is produced from the pulp by cold pressing. Its production consists of separating pulp from the shell, crushing and drying it, and oil squeezing oil. At the market you can meet unrefined and refined oil.

Unrefined product has a light yellow color and a nice smell of coconuts, and at lower temperatures it turns into a tight substance, oily to the touch. According to the standards this oil shall contain lauric acid (not less than 50 %) in its composition. The level is regulated to maintain cholesterol levels at a normal ratio.

Method of cleaning with high-pressure and without the use of chemical solvents produce refined coconut oil. It is transparent and is recommended for skin care.

This tropical product contains vitamins C, A, E, natural antioxidants, as well as a strong moisturizer hyaluronic acid. Coconut oil is recommended for those willing to reduce their weight, as one of its excellent feature is not being deposited as fat.

Among the most important properties of this product are reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, its ability to improve digestion and food assimilation, immune system strengthening, prevention of the cancer cells formation.

Coconut oil has a moisturizing, nourishing, and anti-inflammatory effect; it is an antiviral defense in the case of viral infections (influenza, measles, herpes).

The useful qualities of the coconut oil is undeniable; it is considered the most digestible. The product does not contain cholesterol, but it is rich in vitamin Е. While cooking it does not change its chemical composition and do not lose its useful properties.

If it is used regularly, the product strengthens the immune system, increases the organism resistance to fungal, viral, bacterial infections. It has a moisturizing, softening and soothing action, heals wounds and burns.

Coconut Oil and Blood Pressure

Measuring blood pressure we usually name two different numbers.

We call the top number as the systolic;
it indicates pressure when our heart contracts. The bottom number is diastolic;
it represents our pressure during the heart relaxation.

What is a normal blood pressure for e person. Doctors usually determine it as 120/80 mm Hg, which means millimeters of mercury. If your pressure is a little higher or lower, it is considered normal as well.

However, if you pressure is over 140, you have a hypertension. Coconut oil is one of the products that can cope with high blood pressure. 92 percent of its composition is represented by saturated fats. Here you can also find uncommon fat molecule. It is known as medium-chain fatty acids and it is much easier to absorb into the organism than fatty acids with long-chain structure.

For all disorders of the heart and blood vessels we use a general term. we call them cardiovascular disease or simply heart disease. They include hypertension or high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Many people suffer from these problems. But there is a solution how to prevent or stop them. Those individuals who regularly consume coconut oil are proved to have lower blood pressure than individuals who do not. That’s a fact!

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